Medical printed film


Composition, function and function of medical printed film. Medical printing film is divided into laser printing film and inkjet printing film: medical printing film is composed of polyester film PET as the base material and polymer printing coating. The film is waterproof, high pressure resistant, anti-static, anti-aging, environmental protection, printing color clear and other advantages. Medical printed film is used as the printing medium for the output of clinical medical information and image reports, mainly used for the printing of medical images, including CT. ECT ultrasound, endoscopy and other departments.
  Medical inkjet printed film   Medical laser printed film   Medical thermosensitive printed film    
It is composed of polyester (PET) sheet base and anti-static layer, ink absorption layer (silica, alumina, adsorbed ink or toner). Mainly used for medical printing film in medical diagnosis mainly used for medical B ultrasound film, color B ultrasound, pet-ct and endoscope and other medical images printed output.
Medical radiative dry printing film (PET) as the film base, mainly suitable for CT, DR, CR and other departments, product printing speed, high definition, low cost, easy to save and other advantages.
Thermosensitive imaging is mainly used in the medical field of technology, namely direct thermosensitive imaging and thermal sublimation imaging technology. Direct thermosensitive imaging technology: the imaging medium is dry film, because the emulsion layer development material is different, thermosensitive imaging way is different.


  Medical ultrasound printed film   La base carbon belt   Mixed base carbon band    
Suitable for high precision color printer, no need to wait, waterproof and color fast. Apparently firm, white, smooth, matt, waterproof, tear resistant, suitable for long-term preservation, suitable for medical diagnosis and treatment used in various types of medical diagnosis and treatment results release media.
That is to wax and carbon black as the main materials, as a coating material products. Wax-based carbon tape is the most economical and cheap carbon tape, mainly used for the printing of general paper, the use of wax-based carbon tape must pay attention to the cooperation with paper, wax-based carbon tape is suitable for the surface feel slightly concave and convex material, more suitable for the surface smooth as mirror material such as PET products.
That is to wax and resin mixture as the main material, as a coating material products. The mixing proportion is changed according to the needs, mainly used for materials with smooth surface, and generally suitable for products with strict surface requirements. For example, the label of ordinary consumable products is made by combining the advantages of the above two carbon bands.
  Resin based carbon strip   Golden carbon      
If the printed materials must be resistant to solvent and high temperature, etc., for the packaging of chemical products, or must be resistant to high temperature, for the heating parts of electrical appliances, or must be printed on special PET and other chemical products, it is recommended to use resin carbon strip, because the composition of resin can meet the above requirements.
Applicable to fine bar code and text printing, scratch resistance requirements are especially high places, such as a variety of electrical nameplate printing, jewelry label, automobile, industry, capital management, recognized organization label, chemical products container, medical use, medicine and a variety of special material labels.





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