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Jiangsu senbang new material technology co., LTD., located in jiangning economic development zone, nanjing city, jiangsu province, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of printing coating. The company has product research and development center, medical film production factory, carbon belt production factory, which integrates research and development, production and sales. The company has advanced production equipment, and relying on high-tech talent resources, reserves the domestic cutting-edge polymer research and development team, especially for PET PVC PP based coating development and application, always in the forefront of domestic counterparts. The company has a strong sales team, now the company r & d production and sales of all kinds of medical dry radiative film, medical color laser inkjet printing film, optical film and wax base carbon strip, wax base enhanced carbon strip, mixed base carbon strip, resin carbon strip and wash carbon strip and other products. Product sales cover the whole domestic market and exported to more than 20 countries and regions abroad. The company is people-oriented, integrity cooperation, common development, innovation and win-win. To provide customers with a full range of superior value services.
  Jiangsu sen bang new material technology co., ltd. was established in 2014, focusing on compatible ink-jet consumables field for more than 10 years, is a collection of continuous ink supply system, filling ink cartridge, even for accessories, ink r & d, production, sales and service integration operation of professional ink-jet printing consumables enterprises. After years of professional creation and continuous innovation, the company has developed a series of highly competitive market brand products.    
  Jiangsu senbang new material technology co., LTD. 's products include film printer, medical dry film, medical printing supplies and a series of medical imaging products. The application range of the products includes color ultrasound, CT, DR, mri and other medical imaging departments. The independently developed inkjet film printer has gained a good reputation in the industry for its stability, durability, high efficiency and intelligence. Company development so far, the products have been settled in more than 3,000 medical institutions throughout the country.    
  Jiangsu senbang new material technology co., LTD has been able to provide one-stop medical imaging solutions including research and development, production, installation and after-sales service. In the future, we will actively respond to the national medical reform policy, keep close to the needs of our hospital, provide high-quality products and services, and help more small and medium-sized hospitals to reduce printing costs.    

  Carbon strip is a very important material when printing, generally speaking, the quality of carbon strip, in addition to determining the life of the print head also related to the printing effect. Good carbon tape, can protect the print head, the effect can accurately adhere to the paper, not easy to spread, not easy to fall off. The main components of carbon belts carbon bands can be simply classified into three types in terms of their materials.  

The characteristics of

Extensive label adaptability, good versatility. Excellent printing effect, cost economy. High temperature resistant, suitable for high-speed printing. Wide range of application, can be adapted to different materials. Anti - static back coating is easy to effectively protect the print head.



Carbon strip can be divided into flat pressure type and edge pressure type, mainly for the type of label printer on the market, generally most brands are flat pressure type print head with flat pressure type carbon strip, a small number of Japanese brand printer with edge pressure type print head with edge pressure type carbon strip. Good carbon tape, can protect the print head, the effect can accurately adhere to the paper, not easy to spread, not easy to fall off. According to the material classification of carbon belt, it can be simply divided into the following three types: Waxy carbon band, Resin based carbon strip, Mixed base carbon band.





Jiangsu senbang new material technology co. LTD

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